Omega3 Innovations


Phone:  941-485-4400

Address: 727 Commerce Drive  Venice, FL 34292

Omega-3 Innovations launched their company in 2006 and started up their booth at the Sarasota Farmers Market soon thereafter. The farmers market has always been a rewarding place for them to make connections with customers and get feedback on new product ideas. It has also been a wonderful space to educate people about omega-3s. People are always surprised to learn that a truly fresh omega-3 oil (much like fresh seafood) tastes and smells good.
Many people have heard that getting enough omega-3s is important for good health – and that’s true! Omega-3s are vital for reducing inflammation, keeping our cells well functioning, and strengthening our immune system. Unfortunately, an estimated 95% of Americans do not get enough omega-3s through diet or regular supplements.
At Omega3 Innovations, their goal is to help people to get enough high quality omega-3s so that they can actually experience the health benefits of these important fatty acids. Omega-3 Innovations does this by making products that are fresh, good-tasting, easy to swallow, and that provide effective omega-3 doses in a single serving. They also pair omega-3s together with other synergistic nutrients that are similarly lacking from the average American diet. Over the years, they’ve found that their product approach is far more effective and transformative for their customers compared to taking highly processed fish oil capsules.
Omega Cure: Our signature ultra-fresh omega-3 oil.
Omega Cure Extra Strength: Omega Cure paired together with vitamin D3 in convenient, travel-friendly vials.
Omega Restore: Omega Cure paired together with vitamin D3 and melatonin. This is our most potent product due to the synergistic effects of combining three inflammation-fighting, immune-boosting nutrients.
Omega Cookie: A gluten free breakfast cookie that provides as much omega-3 as 7 regular fish oil capsules, plus 5 grams of fiber.
Omega Passion: A tasty chocolate bar that combines a salmon dinner’s worth of omega-3s with prebiotics and probiotics.

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