Our mission is to bring out “ionie” everywhere, which means “intelligence of nature in everyone“. We dedicate our heart to support the community with the living-foods and drinks, all natural and original with active ingredients and nutrients that are essentials for health.

ionie is more than just a cafe. It is a lifestyle that empowers our health. 

Benefits of an organic raw diet includes…

  • lowering inflammation and cholesterol levels
  • improving digestion & absorption
  • increasing of dietary fiber
  • improving heart health
  • helping with optimal liver function
  • preventing cancer and other chronic diseases
  • anti-aging properties
  • preventing or relieving constipation
  • increasing energy levels, preventing those mid-morning or afternoon slumps
  • glowing skin, looking healthier and more vibrant



1444 1st Street, Sarasota, FL



1444 1st Street, Sarasota, FL

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