Simply Having a Wonderful Market Time

It’s December at the Sarasota Farmers Market, which means there is a Floridian chill in the air and the Market is once again buzzing with holiday cheer. It’s also the perfect time to explore the Market’s many vendors to find that perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

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Kinsey’s, ‘Core’ of the Market

Kinsey's Produce is a family business, owned and operated by Philip, Debbie, and Travis Kinsey.  The Kinsey family is no stranger to Sarasota, as they all three were born and raised in Sarasota and have lived here their whole lives. Kinsey's Produce has been established at the Sarasota's Farmers Market for over 3 years. They can be found at the far north end of the farmers market at the corner of 1st street and Lemon Ave every Saturday, year round. Any given Saturday at the Farmers Market the Kinsey's will be ready to serve you a fresh cored pineapple and a cold coconut drink , along with a mega variety of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Kinsey's Produce also offers fresh fruit cups and vegetable kabobs, cut and prepared every Saturday at the Farmers Market.

There is no doubt that the Kinsey family is dedicated to the Market and their customers, but one thing is for sure, they couldn't do it alone. With their staff of 10 plus, the Kinsey's make sure they have enough help to get the job done. "Each week would not be possible without the dedication of our staff and the dedication of our customers," Kinsey's Produce co-owner, Phillip Kinsey said. "Both our staff and customers are like family to us.  Each week at the Farmers Market we meet new people and make new friends.  Every Saturday we are able to laugh and have fun with people we consider friends and family, it doesn't get much better than that."