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Kinsey Produce owned and operated by Phil and Travis, bring in some local produce but most importantly, anchor the market with produce year ’round!


Second Annual Shrimp & Lobster Festival on ABC7 News

Mid-Month News from the Manager

Hello Market Friends,

The Market's communication committee has come up with some new ideas for our monthly newsletter that are in the works as we speak. Chris Baer (Wet Noses), creator of the market's newsletter two and a half years ago will focus on our new Mid-Month E- News edition. Chris and I will be doing some Manager's Field Trips as we have done in the past and bring more photo essays mid-month for all to enjoy. It is only fitting that we highlight our 2nd Annual Shrimp & Lobster Fest that kicked off the 4th of July for the first Market's  Mid-Month E- News.  Thanks, as always, for your interest in a 33-year Sarasota tradition.

The Spirit of Downtown
Phil Pagano, Operations Manager

The weekend kicked off with a market float
in the offshore boat parade the night before the fest.

Meredith Garfarrlo, ABC 7 meteorologist, brought some great weather to the Fest and sang a few songs with our great band, Big Night Out.

Brenda and Sue of ARC, Animal Rescue Coalition, were one of our sponsors of the Fest, take time to enjoy a fresh Maine Lobsta !

Once again, the GAP school was the Fest's non-profit recipient. Representatives of the GAP school along with Terry and Mary Hart who put many hours into helping with another successful day !

Many thanks to one of our local Vietnam Vet groups that volunteered throughout the day…still giving to the community and the country.



Christine Baer of Wetnoses dedicated her Saturday to the Shrimp & Lobster Fest manning the t-shirt and poster booth. A team effort of volunteers made the 2nd Annual better than ever. Look soon on the market website to purchase your own fest gear !

And for the Grand Finale….Yum…


Breaking News! Worden Farm has a new crop ready for the Market this Saturday

The Spring plantings have begun being harvested… Basil and other herbs, Summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, radish, kale, collards, lettuce, salad greens! Sooooo good!