Nature’s Partner


Phone:  941-351-8297

Local organic produce that varies with the season is our mainstay.  If I don’t grow it, I obtain it from other small, local, certified organic or no-synthetic-spray operations.  Much of our fruit is even homegrown by organic methods.  There is nothing shipped in or conventionally grown!  Also, local free-range eggs, organic herb plants, Florida and local honeys (including my own honey when I have it) , organic catnip toys, cat grasses, flower posies with locally grown flowers, and Peter’s book, “The Real Dirt, an Organic Grower’s Journey and the Values That Inspired it”.  We are committed to green practices throughout this business! Contact me to join the hundreds of happy customers who receive my weekly e-mail update which details product offerings for that week.  I am the only vendor to have been here since this market started in 1979.