Mission and Strategy

Our Mission

The Sarasota Farmers Market Vendors Incorporated (“SFMV”) has been established as a not for-profit organization under laws of the State of Florida, continuing the 40+ year tradition of enhancing and improving the quality of life in Sarasota. Our charitable mission is to create a social opportunity for residents and visitors to gather and interact, to bring foot traffic to downtown Sarasota sustaining the economic viability of the entire downtown area, and to provide a venue for other not-for-profit organizations benefiting Sarasota.

Inherent in our charitable mission is educating consumers and sharing knowledge about the products and services of local farmers, local businesses, and local artisans.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

The market has received many awards, both locally and nationally.

  • Southern Living Magazine listed the Sarasota Farmers Market as one of the number one farmers markets in Florida.
  • We are also the receiver of the Local Hero award for the best farmers market in the area from Edible Sarasota.
  • We are the Nattie Award winner from Natural Awakenings of Sarasota Readers.

Community Outreach

Over the last eight years, the market has supplied space free of charge to over 100 non-for-profits. These non-profits are part of our mission to create an opportunity for their organizations to not only raise funds, but mainly to get with the community on the programs they supply.

Community Gathering

Local attendees and visitors enjoy the ambiance of the market on a weekly basis.

We have music at both the north and south ends of the market.
We supply tables and chairs for customers to enjoy and to have breakfast or lunch.
Lots of friends gather on a regular basis every Saturday at the market.
Some customers bring their dogs.
Our customers reflect a wide demographic.