Homestead Hydroponic Farm


The Homestead Hydroponic Farm was established in August of 2013 and is nestled next to the Myakka State Park on wide green plains, just east of Sarasota. We are a boutique hydroponic farm and believe in producing vegetables that are unusual, fresh and not only taste great, but keep well. Our crisp greens and other veggies are always grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides. In fact, our lettuces are 100% pesticide-free!

What you can expect to find from The Homestead Hydroponic Farm are non-GMO, vibrant vegetables and clean greens that are exceptionally fresh and actually last. The combination of harvesting our produce within 24-48 hours of purchase and keeping the roots on our living lettuce makes a world of difference in taste and shelf life- we think once you try veggies from The Homestead, you’ll agree!

The Homestead Hydroponic Farm utilizes hydroponics as our main method of growing which essentially means traditional soil is not used; instead water and nutrients feed the plants roots directly. Hydroponic farming focuses on sustainable growing, water conservation, environmental consciousness, time/ space efficiency, consistent quality crops with better shelf life, and natural pest control. Learn more about hydroponics and how we farm in Florida on the Hydro/Organic page.