Greater Downtown Sarasota Mobility Map Now Available

This weekend marks the debut of the new Greater Downtown Sarasota Mobility Map, created by local Rosemary District resident Maria Haber, and recently gifted to the Sarasota Farmers Market as part of our new Market Green Initiative. 

The Mobility Map was created for wayfinding – designed to show that most of Sarasota’s major attractions can be reached without a car – within 20 minutes from the heart of downtown. Showcasing the Sarasota Farmers Market in the heart of the city, it also displays public parking garages and lots, buses, major attractions, local parks, theatres and performance halls, grocery stores and supermarkets, colleges and schools, and government buildings.

The Mobility Map encourages readers to park their cars and explore what Sarasota has to offer by walking, biking, or using public transportation.

  • Concentric circles on the map indicate the length of time it will take to walk to an attraction.
  • Bus routes listed on the map show readers where they can ride within 20 minutes of downtown
  • The map also displays bike lines for bicycle users.

Map creator, Maria Haber, a resident of the Rosemary District in Sarasota and a part-time resident of Washington, DC, created the map to help foster a more sustainable, pedestrian-friendly community.

“Many DC residents – of all generations – have given up their cars or use them sparingly,” she states. “They walk, ride a bike or take Uber, Lyft, taxis and public transportation to work, attractions and performances, colleges and schools, farmers markets and shopping. They are living the sustainable future. I’d like to pass on to Sarasota what I have learned in DC and seen in other cities with successful downtowns.”

The Mobility Map will be available beginning on Saturday June 2 at the Sarasota Farmers Market Information Booth. Businesses and organizations can request copies of the Greater Downtown Sarasota Mobility Map for distribution by contacting Sarasota Farmers Market Executive Director, Phil Pagano, at 941-225-9256 – or