Become a Vendor

New Vendor Application Process:

  • We are currently full and not accepting any new applications at this time. ¬†When we open the New Vendor Application process back up we will put our applications on the website.
  • Once you fill out the New Vendor Application, you return it to us via email or mail.
  • The New Vendor Application would go to our New Vendor Committee (they do not meet monthly, so it’s whenever their next meeting is).
  • This Committee decides if the product is something we need in the market or if we already have similar items, is it something you make, do you grow it, etc.
  • The Committee will let you know yes, we think there is potential or no, we don’t have room at this time for that product.
  • If the Committee thinks there is potential, they will invite you to a board meeting where you will get 5 minutes to present your product, talk about it, give out samples, answer questions the board may have, and then the board will vote later that night.
  • You will receive a phone call or email, usually within 48 hours, after the board meeting to let you know the board’s decision (yes or no).