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2017-03-08 sfm-staff

Essential Eve’s Garden Apothecary – Aromatherapy


Phone:  941-356-7768


Address:  1718 Main St. #310, Sarasota, FL

Integrated Healing Arts — Essential Eve’s Aromatherapy specializes in Living Plant Medicine.  Basically, this consists of Herbs, Teas, Aromatic Waters (hydrosols), and 100% Pure Essential Oils.  Patricia Star has been practicing aromatherapy for over 20 years.  She is Nationally Registered as an Aromatherapist, with over 800 hours of training from all over the world.  She has been teaching aromatherapy for over 15 years, and has incorporated the clinical use of essential oils to help with the holistic approach in the use of essential oils as plant medicine for daily living.  As a licensed massaged therapist, and cancer survivor, she has dedicated her life to the natural holistic approach to health and healing.

All products are handcrafted with the art and science of aromatherapy for the finest therapeutic use and finest body care products one can find.  Shop locally!!

Thank you.