Homestead Hydroponic Farm

Website: The Homestead Hydroponic Farm was established in August of 2013 and is nestled next to the Myakka State Park on wide green plains, just east […]

Alpine Steakhouse

In business for 43 years, a neighborhood steakhouse and old fashioned butcher shop and N.Y. deli all under one roof serving prime Midwestern aged beef, pork, veal, […]

Greater Downtown Sarasota Mobility Map Now Available

This weekend marks the debut of the new Greater Downtown Sarasota Mobility Map, created by local Rosemary District resident Maria Haber, and recently gifted to the Sarasota […]

Our charitable mission is to create a social opportunity for residents and visitors to gather and interact, to bring foot traffic to downtown Sarasota sustaining the economic viability of the entire downtown area, to provide a venue for other not-for-profit organizations benefiting Sarasota. Inherent in our charitable mission is educating consumers and sharing knowledge about the products and services of local farmers, local businesses, and local artisans.

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