Grove Ladder Farm

Grove Ladder Farm is a 10 acre, pasture-based livestock farm in east Sarasota County.¬†Our family farm is home to non-GMO, soy-free, pasture raised chickens (for meat and […]

Cuni Tuni

Website: Specializes in Central Asian and Middle Eastern food and desserts.

Woodstock Revival – REDO!

Our Woodstock Revival Saturday was very similar to the Woodstock in ’69. Then the rains came. Market staff, vendors, sponsors, and all involved put a lot of […]

Our charitable mission is to create a social opportunity for residents and visitors to gather and interact, to bring foot traffic to downtown Sarasota sustaining the economic viability of the entire downtown area, to provide a venue for other not-for-profit organizations benefiting Sarasota. Inherent in our charitable mission is educating consumers and sharing knowledge about the products and services of local farmers, local businesses, and local artisans.

Market Sponsors